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Thank you Jordan Peele: Get Out and Us

Written by Zach Thomas Mckee

Who doesn’t love a horror film? There is just something different about sitting down in a dark room then realising the dark room was a bad idea 20 minutes into the film, then having to get up and put the light on again. One thing many people, including myself don’t love about horror films is the fact that many of them these days are recycled ideas that have been done countless times before. This isn’t an issue for Jordan Peele, here I will be discussing his two innovative films in the past two years which have basically changed the way I look at horror films from now on and that’s a good thing (I promise).

It has been around two years since Jordan Peele’s ‘Get out’ and people are still talking about it. Peele created a horror film which felt fresh and unique, which was great as most horror films which were out at the time felt like the same old recycled material. It was great to see a new take on the horror genre and it was even more great to finally have a good horror film again. I will give a brief synopsis of the film for the people who haven’t seen it: Get out follows young photographer Chris, who is African American and has a white girlfriend called Rose. They are planning to go to Rose’s parents’ house for a couple of days to meet the family. Well I don’t want to give away too much so what I will say is there is a very eerie feeling when they arrive, and things may not be what they seem. Now go watch the film, its superb. Back to Jordan Peele, before Get out Jordan was mainly known for being a comedian, so I wasn’t that optimistic about him making a horror film, but he did it and he got an Oscar from it so I guess he did pretty well for himself. Everything about Get out hits the mark, the acting is brilliant, the pace of the film is great, which is very important for a horror film and the way the film shot is also very good. It just feels like a very well-made film. So, thank you Jordan Peele for this stunning piece of cinema.

“It was great to see a new take on the horror genre and it was even more great to finally have a good horror film again.”

Jordan Peele isn’t done with the horror genre just yet (Thankfully) as he has just released his second horror film ‘Us’ and its better than the first. I will give you a brief synopsis of the film, just like I did for Get out, as I really don’t want to give any major details away. The story follows Adelaide Wilson and her family who are going on a mini break to their beach home. Adelaide has a feeling something is wrong, and she is right, something is very wrong. How do you fight yourself? That is all I will say on the content of the film and if you haven’t seen it, give it a watch, you will not be disappointed. Once again, back to Jordan Peele, you may wonder how ‘Us’ could be better than ‘Get out.’ Its hard to compare as they are different films, but then again, its all down to opinion and in my opinion I prefer ‘Us’ mainly due to the different elements within the film, everything just seems ‘bigger’ and even more ambitious than ‘Get out’. I also really enjoyed the comedic relief within the film, which just added to the overall experience and made me enjoy it even more.

With these two films Jordan Peele has caused a lot of speculation on whether these films are in the same universe. It would be easy to google the answer, but more fun to think about and speculate. So, what do I think? I don’t think they are, the way I see it is if they were in the same universe it just makes the events in ‘Get out’ not as impactful as they actually should be, it is some pretty heavy stuff in ‘Get out’ but to me ‘Us’ is far more shocking and ‘crazy’ if that’s the right way to describe it. If they are in the same universe, ‘Get out’ just doesn’t seem as important to me, when there is something so much bigger in ‘Us’. I do understand why people think they are in the same universe, due to the fact it’s the same director, the films are only two years apart and both have similarities which I won’t get into due to spoilers. It would be a nice thought that they share the same universe but like I said, to me these films are so impactful on their own, it makes them less impactful if they were to share the same universe.

To sum up, Jordan Peele has created two phenomenal pieces of cinema, each unique and a breath of fresh air in the horror genre. Both films caused many discussions and theories and created communities where people discuss their own ideas and opinions on the films, such as the shared universe theory. For me Jordan Peele has made it good to be a horror fan again, as it was getting a little embarrassing for the horror genre these past years, but that’s just my opinion. Fans and I included are very excited to see what Jordan Peele does next in the horror genre. Hopefully its on par or even better and innovative than the previous two, but I guess we will have to just wait and see.

“Jordan Peele has created two phenomenal pieces of cinema, each unique and a breath of fresh air in the horror genre.”