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New York | Amsterdam | England

By Zach McKee |

New York

I went to New York in 2017, just before I started university, it’s a place I have always dreamed of going to and it didn’t disappoint. These photos are only a few of the hundreds I took whilst being there and I wish I could show you all more. I had to narrow it down to my personal favourites, which was a struggle. This is one of, if not the most photogenic place I have ever been to. One of the main things I loved about New York was that every corner there was something else new and exciting to be captured. It was more hectic and crazier than I could have ever imagined but that just added to the love I have for this city. I hope I can go back one day and use the new skills I have developed in photography; when I originally went back in 2017, I had only just started getting interested in photography. Overall my experience in New York is something I will never forget.


There is so much I could say about Amsterdam so I will try and keep it short. Amsterdam is up there with New York in terms of amazing places I have visited. I didn’t really know what to expect when going but just like New York it did not disappoint. In fact, some of my favourite photographs were taken on my trip to Amsterdam. It is such a colourful and vibrant place; the architecture is stunning to look at and it really was a treat to walk around and take photographs. I believe it’s a place everyone has to visit, it’s full of history, good food and somewhere to create amazing memories. For anyone who is into photography this is must go place for stunning photos.


Living in England, this is obviously where I get most of my photos. Luckily for me, England really is a beautiful place – something I believe we often don’t realise when we see it all the time. Here is a collection of photos I have taken in different parts of the country; some photos are taken in York and some in Durham. York is such an amazing place, and I feel grateful that I got to spend my time at university in this amazing city. These photos are just a snapshot of the many photos I have taken here, but they are the ones I believe show how stunning this city really is. The few photos here from Durham are from when I went to the Lumiere event in 2019. Personally, the photo of the cathedral is the photo I am most proud of in all the time I have been interested in photography.