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By Zach McKee |

New York

I went to New York in 2017, just before I started university, it’s a place I have always dreamed of going to and it didn’t disappoint. These photos are only a few of the hundreds I took whilst being there and I wish I could show you all more. I had to narrow it down to my personal favourites, which was a struggle. This is one of, if not the most photogenic place I have ever been to. One of the main things I loved about New York was that every corner there was something else new and exciting to be captured. It was more hectic and crazier than I could have ever imagined but that just added to the love I have for this city. I hope I can go back one day and use the new skills I have developed in photography; when I originally went back in 2017, I had only just started getting interested in photography. Overall my experience in New York is something I will never forget.