an impartial or unbiased state

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Neutral’s contributor base is largely made up of film scholars who are keen to share their passion and dedication to the film industry.

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Media &

Neutral examines the advantages and consequences of living in a technological world and begins to explore what our world may look like in the future.

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& Debates

Neutral is always dedicated to getting in-between the spaces of issues and debates, allowing its readers to think, question and delve deeper.

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& Society

Exploration into culture and society allows Neutral to provide its readers with a deeper analysis of the world around us.

Neutral Magazine


Neutral is keen to explore different media formats in order to present the opinions of our contributors. Within our Arts section, expression is key.

Neutral Magazine


Creative writing is a particularly expressive avenue and Neutral is devoted to transporting its readers to new worlds with the words and poetry of our contributors.